ING for Children Foundation processes personal data in accordance with the effective personal data protection laws and regulations and makes every effort to ensure the safety and protection of personal data during their processing.

Personal Data Protection Policy
ING for Children Foundation
Data Protection Officer and Controller
ING for Children Foundation with its registered office in Wisła, address: ul. 11 listopada 12, 43-460 Wisła (the Foundation), is the personal data controller. 
Lilianna Rother-Obrączka is the Foundation’s Data Protection Officer. In the cases regarding personal data, please write to the Foundation’s regular mailing address with the annotation: “Inspektor danych” [Data Protection Officer] or sending an email at: zgoda@ingdzieciom.pl
Purposes of processing
The Foundation processes personal data for the following purposes:
• implementation of the Foundation objectives set out in its Charter,
• fulfilment of duties arising from the law,
• protection of the Foundation’s rights and obligations and of its beneficiaries,
• archiving, and
• evaluation and statistical studies.
Description of the categories of data subjects and of the categories of personal data
The Foundation processes data of the following persons:
• Foundation employees and co-operating entities, and
• Foundation beneficiaries and their statutory representatives, carers and teachers.
The Foundation processes the following data categories:
• first name and last name, 
• date and place of birth,
• Personal Identification Number (PESEL),
• residence address,
• telephone number,
• parents’ first names,
• e-mail address, and 
• health-related data.
In the case of the Foundation employees and co-operating entities, the Foundation may additionally process:
• employment record,
• education,
• mother’s family name,
• Tax Identification Number (NIP),
• occupation,
• ID document series and number,
• data revealing membership in a professional or trade organization or union,
• biometric data with a view to explicit identification of a natural person, and
• convictions and violations of the law.
Categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed 
Personal data may be forwarded to the entities or authorised authorities under the law, entities or authorities whereto data have to be forwarded for performance of a given activity.
Data retention period
The data processing period at the Foundation depends on the purpose wherefor the data were collected and are processed. It also depends on the laws and the rules adopted by the Foundation under those laws. 
Data Protection Officer contact details
Lilianna Rother-Obrączka
Mailing address:
Fundacja ING Dzieciom [ING for Children Foundation]
ul. 11 Listopada 12, 43-460 Wisła
Email address: zgoda@ingdzieciom.pl