Kacper Kaczmarczyk

 2nd place in „My Smile Camp” contest

Wisła, 24.05.2017.


Dear Grandma!

Sorry to write to you only now, but I did not have a single minute to think about writing to you earlier. No need to worry about me, as I am sure you are doing. We have wonderful people here. I feel safe and at ease. Each day is different here, we have so many attractions, fun and trips.
Let me tell you about my favourite trip to the “Bread Cottage”. It was great and really interesting. Early morning we came down for breakfast and then I already knew that it would be a nice day, just like all previous ones. We had breakfast and some time around 12 we went on a trip. It took us some time to get to the “Bread Cottage”; but time flies when in a good company. Before I managed to ask how long it would still take, we were already there. Bread Cottage was located in the town of Górki Małe.
When we left the coach, I was dazzled by the place. It was so beautiful and interesting that I wanted to visit it at once. Upon entering the cottage, we saw beautiful old objects which made me fascinated and interested. I have made my first flatbreads ever, you would be proud of myself. And how they tasted with delicious honey. I still hear the words that honey is heathy and of course, delicious. With a full stomach, we started visiting the place; the things I liked most are farming machines. I saw old tractors which are a bit different from modern ones. I admired old carts and many other machines. Our visit was complemented with talks about the work of bees. Unfortunately, 
that was the end of our trip. When we came back to the centre, delicious pancakes with jam and whipped cream awaited us. After supper, we went to a salt cavern to calm down a bit in with a nice gang of pals and my favourite girlfriend. It’s only you grandma to know which one. I could not fall asleep that fast, I was just lying nicely in bed.
That was my favourite trip. Very interesting and fascinating. So do not worry any more, I feel really good here. I’m thinking about you, I wish we had more than a week to go. 

Your best grandson