Aurelia Ginda

 2nd place in „My Smile Camp” contest

Big dinosaur

  It was 10:05 when the bus filled to the brim with excited pupils stopped at the parking zone next to the entrance to the Dream Park in Ochaby. As soon as the door opened all younger kids rushed at the exit, while the “older” kids did not want to show their enthusiasm and lagged at the tail end. I was walking with them, but inside I was dying of impatience, because we were already there – the most awaited trip with the “Smile Camp”.
   It was 16 September 2015. It was not a scorcher, so it was a perfect day for such trip. Leaves on the trees started to softly change their colours and were a harbinger of autumn. I entered the gate and was waiting with other participants for our guide. When he finally arrived, we all greeted him with a resounding “Goood moooorning!”. The man introduced himself and presented to us in short (I was very grateful to him for this as I wanted to start sightseeing as soon as possible) the terms and conditions and the rules in place for our group. We started off following the guide who explained to us where we were going. We arrived at the place with the first attraction.
   Virtually everyone would like to go on a trip around the world. Me too. But it turned out that I did not have to travel anywhere because I was faced with the most amazing buildings and attractions from the six continents. I was walking along the avenues and could see with my own eyes the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Sydney Opera House and many others. It all looked like a “mini earth”. I was admiring all those miniatures and I could not take my eyes off it. It was like my dreams came true.
   When we finished our tour around the Miniature Park, we still had time to see other attractions. Everyone could see what they liked. I went towards the rope park. I have always wanted to test myself in such a place. It turned out however that it was not that easy. When I was climbing up the platform, I totally forgot basic security principles. Fortunately, I was fine. Going through that course I could not handle the “skateboard”. Still, I was there three times. 
   The view from the above was great. I do not understand it now why I was afraid of heights in the past. Finally, I had to climb down to see at least two more attractions. Of course there were many others, but I did not manage to see them all. What a pity.
  I was heading towards the meeting point and daydreaming, when I heard a horrible roar. I jumped up in fear and started to look around. It turned out that the sound was coming from a dinosaur figure. It moved its huge tail.  “Great” I thought “I got scared of the figure”. 
   This fantastic day came to its end very fast. We went back to the “Regle” centre. I do not know how about others but I was dead beat. I went to my room and tossed myself on the bed straight away. “I did not manage to see the crocodile” – I realised. Tough luck. In the future I will definitely go back to the Dream Park again.